Thursday, 5 November 2015

Laser Lipo And How Can This Procedure Help You Remove Fat Excess?

Laser lipo is an innovative way of removing the excess fat that is found in various parts of the body, as effectively as the traditional method and less harsh for the body. More about what laser lipo actually means you will find in the rows below.

1.      Types of laser lipo

Laser lipo is divided into two types, depending on the way in which the laser is used. The first type is called internal laser lipo and it implies using a laser that is attached to the device that is introduced in the body, being it a suction device or a fiber-optic probe. The second type is known as external laser lipo and in this case the laser device is used externally, on the area that needs to be treated, before the surgery part begins.

2.      Advantages of laser lipo
Specialists consider that the recovery after this type of intervention is easier and lasts less than it does in case of traditional lipo. You will also have reduced bruising and high chances to need no hospitalization.

3.      Who can opt for this type of treatment?

In order to be accepted to this procedure, you must have at least 18 years old, your health condition must be a good one, the excess of fat must be localized in certain areas of your body and you must have adopted a diet and exercise regime. If you want to lose weight fast Sussex, start searching for a clinic that is appreciated and has specialists who are trained in plastic and general surgery.

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